AbleTrend Book

AbleTrend: Identifying and Analyzing Market Trends for Trading Success
by John Wang (Author), Grace Wang (Author), Larry Williams (Foreword)

AbleTrend Book
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ISBN: 978-0-470-58120-9.
Hardcover 268 pages.
April 2010

Legendary Trader Larry Williams' Comments
"It has been my good fortune to see the Wangs become a driving force within this industry, and to see them help many traders throughout the world with their trading strategies and systematic approaches. Their software has become one of the most popular ones for traders to use of all time. What an accomplishment, what an honor on their part. And now they're going to open the door to their market systems."
Wiley Editorial Review

A worldwide leader in financial trading software shares one of its most successful systems. In AbleTrend, Dr. John Wang discloses for the first time, the fundamental principles behind his bestselling and award-winning trading system, AbleTrend signals. Sophisticated in scope, yet written in a way that any trader can understand, this book skillfully presents the theory behind this award-winning system. This reliable resource presents the logic of a proven system that reveals the direction of a trend at its early stage in all markets-stocks, commodities, foreign currencies, ETFs, e-Minis, and mutual funds. It also identifies objective, automatic buy/sell/stop signals, helping you manage risk, make rational trading decisions, and eliminate the guesswork.

  • Pinpoint when market trends start and end, and where the key support and resistance are
  • It's universal-applied to any market and any time chart
  • Applications are offered with over 20 real-market case studies
  • AbleTrend confidential seminar costs $2,000, now you may get the secrets from this book
  • AbleTrend was developed by a recognized authority and expert trading system developer

AbleTrend presents innovative decision-making trading concepts that will allow ordinary traders to identify market trends and seek profits from them.

Book review by S&C Magazine

"This book, which is clearly written and discloses the fundamental principles behind the AbleTrend trading system, presents the theory behind the AbleTrend approach. It presents the logic of the system and reveals the direction of a trend at its early stage in all markets. It also identifies other important information such as objectives and buy/sell/stop signals, and helps manage risk. Written for the serious trader, it offers insights on trend following that can help the trader for years to come. This guide and its companion website will provide decision-making concepts that will help capture results from identified trends."

Page 92 of Stocks & Commodities Magazine, August Issue of 2010

Book review by Germany's Traders Magazine GmbH

"John and Grace Wang provide an unusually in depth and fascinating view of the natural law that underlies trend-following trading techniques. Then they show practical applications of the theory, putting traders in a better position to profit from the markets. It is the authors' philosophical approach to practical issues that makes this book such a standout. And they do make it clear how to apply their approach to trading, even without the software. This is an insider view for traders who want a deeper understanding of market action so they can better make trading decisions."

Page 16-17 of Germany's Traders Magazine GmbH, June 2010

Book Review of Futures Magazine, November issue of 2010

"The key concepts used in AbleTrend are clearly explained in a straight-forward manner with visual examples that bring home the key concepts. The book definitely will enhance understanding of the software for existing users and provide readers with an approach that they can work with to develop their own trend trading system. The book was unusual in that it focused on the AbleTrend software, which has a limited universe of users, but it also provided readers with the key concepts for successful trading based on a scientific approach to determining a viable trading system that has not changed its formulas since inception."

AbleTrend Book Praise
AbleTrend Book
AbleTrend Book