AbleFeed Real-Time Data (eSignal DM)

AbleFeed prices for most popular packages

  AbleSys Service Fee ($/Month) eSignal Base ($/Month) eSignal Stock / Futures Fee ($/Month) Exchange or Service Fees ($/Month) Total Price ($/Month)
NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX25753530165
CME E-Mini25753551186
CBOT E-Mini25753530165
NYMEX E-Mini25753540175
COMEX E-Mini25753530165
foreign currency2575053153
US Stocks + CME E-Mini25757081251
US Stocks + foreign currency25753583218
CME E-Mini + foreign currency257535104239
US Stocks + CME E-Mini + foreign currency257570134304
US Stocks + All E-Mini + foreign currency257570234404

Additional $25 activation fee applied only the first month.

AbleFeed is a real time streaming data powered by eSignal Data Manager (DM). It offers the same high quality data feed service as the original eSignal data. It covers 95% exchanges in the world. The only difference is that the AbleFeed can work with AbleSys AbleTrend software, but it will not work with eSignal software versions. Also, AbleSys offers the support and customer service and eSignal supplies the data feed server access. In this arrangement, AbleSys will charge $25/month for the AbleFeed support/customer service. eSignal will charge $30/month for basic data access. eSignal Premier is $134/month. You will get $104/month saving if you select AbleFeed data.

For exchange fees, please contact eSignal sales team directly.

AbleFeed: Delayed Data Fees (PDF)

Exchanges cover: AMEX, ENC, NASD, NASD II, NYSE, Open Book, S&P Cash Index, CME, CME E-Mini, CBOT, CBOT E-Mini-Sized Futures, COMEX, NYMEX, NYMEX E-Mini and major international exchanges.

AbleFeed data is available for AbleTrend users only.

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