AbleDelta Option Trading

What is AbleDelta?

The Award Winning AbleSys Corporation is proud to introduce its pioneering advanced software – AbleDelta.

AbleDelta is a Module for advanced trading. It's designed specially for spreads, options, and portfolio tradings. It's a collaboration of AbleSys award winning software AbleTrend, and the trading experience of Mr. Robert J. Seifert. Mr. Seifert has been a successful options, stock, and futures trader both on and off the floor of the world's major exchanges for more than 30 years. During those 30 years Mr. Seifert founded and managed two highly successful options floor trading companies. He had input into the design of many options contracts currently being traded at the CME Group, the world's largest futures and options exchange. He conducted trading seminars for the exchange, and lobbied with the CME PAC in Washington. With his help, AbleSys Corporation has been able to transform those winning strategies into one the most user friendly trading, spreading, and options software applications ever brought to market!

Features of AbleDelta

AbleDelta is designed to allow advanced traders to perform all types of trades in any liquid market. Using AbleTrend's principal of Universal Price, AbleDelta can initiate and manage the following trades.

Price and Order

AbleDelta Module (ADM) is available with AbleTrend 7.0 as an annual lease, or a full purchase.

AbleDelta annual lease

AbleDelta permanent purchase