Take Advantage of Intraday Crude Oil Volatility
AbleTrend Offers Advanced Trading Signals for Serious Traders

Spot Trade Setups Instantly

Spot Trade Setups Instantly

See When to Trade with Clear Signals With Double or Triple Confirmation

  1. Buy on Bue, Sell on Red
  2. Use Intelligent support & resistance points to set your stops
  3. Benefit from Transparent Signals Generation that helps you understand why you should buy or sell, and how much you risk on a trade

Lower Your Trading Risk

Our Trading Philosophy is "Low Risk or No Trade." You should only take trades where the odds are greatly in your favor. If you can hit the sweet spot every time, you'll have a greater chance to be successful in the long run

  1. Take fewer losing trades
    AbleTrend helps you avoid common traps that can cost you money by revealing the invisible roadblocks in the market. It clearly identifies these traps as 'No Trade Zones'
  2. Minimize your average loss
    AbleTrend Guidance Charts place small dots at key support and resistance levels that the market will test. Stops are set using the previous level of dots
  3. Sweet Spots are areas where you have double or triple confirmation. They also reveal where you can place stops that have lower risk
Lower Your Trading Risk

Let Your Winners Run

Let Your Winners Run
  1. With AbleTrend Guidance Charts you will never have to question whether to stay in a position or get out
  2. AbleTrend gets you out of trouble early, before everyone is jamming the exits
  3. The greatest value comes from being able to stay in the move, while trailing your stops up to secure profit

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