"I have spent over $30,000 on trading software over the years. eASCTrend is the first piece of trading software that I come across, which is simple to use and has a built in algorithm that actually works and can consistently make money." - G.C. Perth, Australia

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Affiliate Program

With the unsurpassed Internet speed, real time market (futures, commodities, equities, currencies) data can be obtained anywhere and also the real time order execution has become reality. In order to win in online real time trading, you need to have a timely BUY/SELL decision making tools. AbleSys is a worldwide leader in trading decision making software and online search engine(scanning the best symbols to trade) service.

As a reward for the referral, you will be paid a 15% commission on every sale as a result of your lead.

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What is Affiliate Program and how does it work?

www.cj.com (Commission Junction) is a B2B service. AbleSys has signed up as a merchant with cj.com. If you sign up as an affiliate of cj.com and join our program (under banking/trading category), cj.com has the technology to keep track of the web traffic when your clients visit our website via your website. AbleSys will report sales and leads to cj.com, so that cj.com can issue the commission payment to you on AbleSys behalf. You can get AbleSys banner and web links from cj.com once you log in as an affiliate.

If you want AbleSys to promote your website, please sign up at cj.com as a merchant and inform us, so that we can join your program and promote your website. If you don't want to join cj.com as a merchant and still like to have us promote you, please contact sales@ablesys.com.


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