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Dear Oil and Gas Stock Trader:

Have you ever spent a lot of money on trading software, with high hopes of finally owning a system that is both easy to use AND makes money for you?

And have you ever been disappointed ... or even felt cheated ... because the software was not what the advertiser claimed?

In other words, it was anything but easy to use. And it certainly didn't generate the huge profits promised in the ad copy, right?

For instance, what they SAY is:

"Our system has a 90% winning rate."

What you should KNOW is:

Promoters who focus only on the winning rate may be selling you a bill of goods. Why?

Well, if the average winning trade is $1 ... but the average losing trade is $100 ... even a 99% winning rate won't make you any money. You could even lose money!

Experienced traders are willing to accept many small losses to win a few large gains. Some of the most successful traders have only modest winning rates. But when they win, they win big ... and so they make great profits.

Yet many trading system publishers continue to claim outrageous high winning rates - because they know that's what inexperienced traders want to hear.

Instead of focusing on the winning rate, you should pay more attention to the "profit factor" - the gross profit divided by the gross loss. Tradable systems have a profit factor of 1.5 or higher. You should look for a system that generates the optimal combination of profit factor and winning rate.

AbleSys' AbleTrend software gives you detailed back-testing reports showing you its winning rate and profit factor. There's also a comprehensive system index - the "AbleSys index" - to help you assess system performance.

What they SAY is:

"Our system made $694,593 last year."

What you should KNOW is:

This statement does not make sense without giving you the context, because the system promoter did not tell you the size of the account that was traded to make that much money.

If you need a $5 million account to make $694,593 profit, the average trader can't use the system.

The promoter also hasn't told you what the maximum draw-down was. If the system took an accumulated loss of half a million dollars before it made the amount they claimed, the system is not tradable.

I know these scams all too well, because as a trader, I had years of disappointment using trading systems that:

To solve the problem, I did something you might expect of a trader who, like me, is also a scientist and computer programmer....

I designed and wrote my own trading software!

And it wasn't easy.

Despite my background in mathematics, physics, and computer science, working out the algorithms that would give reliable and precise trading instructions in all major markets, all of the time, was a bear of a project.

My team and I worked on it for years. The trading software we produced, AbleTrend, was well worth the effort. Because only AbleTrend:

Today, traders in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide use my program, AbleTrend, as their trading software of choice.

Our traders are so delighted with AbleTrend that the software has won a "Reader's Choice Award" from Stocks & Commodities magazine - one of the most reputable magazines in the industry - for 16 straight years since 1997.

In this special report, I'm going to take you through the reasons why so many traders prefer AbleTrend to any other system they have ever tried.

I'll show you why this simple, easy-to-use software can help you trade more rationally than ever before.

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Yours for more profitable trading,

John Wang, Ph.D.
CEO of AbleSys

P.S. If you decide to try AbleTrend, I don't want you to commit to our system unless you are absolutely convinced that this is the software you want to trade with every day. That's why I'm making this trial offer available.

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Cuts losses short ... and let your profits run.

The number one reason why traders fail is that they don't know when to get out of a losing trade. The number two reason is that fear makes them abandon winning positions too early - and not let their profits ride.

Unfortunately, many trading systems are ambiguous about when to buy - and give no indication of when to sell. With AbleTrend, you get clear, precise, easy-to-read "sell" signals on every trade. Just log onto the system ... and look at your screens.

Any time you see a LARGE RED CIRCLE on any of your stock charts - stop! It's time to call your broker and tell him, "Sell now."

Boost your profits by trading Sweet Spots

What is a Sweet Spot?

The AbleTrend software signals Sweet Spots - optimum times to get in on a trade - with the first blue bar to appear after a series of green bars, as in the chart below.

If you missed the first entry, the Sweet Spot gives you a second chance to get on board the trade.

Already have a position? Sweet Spots indicate great places where you can add more to your position.

That way, you can buy with confidence - and expand your total gain on the trade.

AbleTrend Trading Software Sweet Spots

An added margin of safety: intelligent stops

A protective stop is used as a defense measure to preserve gains or limit losses. How does it work?

The trader typically places a "stop-loss order" at a predetermined dollar level. So if the market moves against the trader's position, it will automatically liquidate the position and limit further losses.

In contrast to using arbitrary, predetermined dollar levels, the AbleTrend software uses principle-based or "intelligent" stops - stops defined by the market's own support and resistance levels. The software indicates stops on the chart with small blue dots below the bars for buy positions, and small red dots above the bars for sell positions.

These intelligent stops are dynamic and automatically adjusted by the software as prices change. A built-in feedback loop retrieves the data for market direction, price range, and momentum.

Because the stops are determined by actual market conditions, they are objective, reliable, back-testable, and safe to use in real-world trading.

AbleTrend Trading Software Stops chart 1

AbleTrend Trading Software Stops chart 2


Buy when you see blue. Sell when you see red. No mathematics required. What could be easier?

Another problem traders put up with in many trading systems is that they are complex and difficult to use. They generate graphs and data, but leave it up to you to puzzle out exactly what you should buy, and when. What good is that?

By comparison, AbleTrend is one of the easiest systems to use. An indicator system, AbleTrend is color-coded for intuitive, easy trading - telling you when to buy and sell. No mathematics required.

You buy when you see a blue circle, and sell when you see a red circle. It's a totally mechanical system, eliminating guesswork, emotion, and subjective judgment.

Need more information so you can trade with confidence? Click on the blue to see support, the red to see resistance. No interpretation necessary on the part of the user.

As you can see, AbleTrend provides specific buy signals with blue dots and blue bars - and specific sell signals with red dots and red bars.

With these clear, specific signals, you can control the influence of emotion and impulse, both of which are detrimental to your trading. Knowing that AbleTrend has been rigorously back-tested enables you to trade our signals with confidence and discipline.

AbleTrend Trading Software Ease of Use chart 1

AbleTrend Trading Software Ease of Use chart 2

Replacing emotion with
discipline by trading Sweet Spots

When trading software doesn't tell you specifically when to buy - and when to sell - its value is extremely limited. And your risk of making losing trades increases geometrically.

Here's why: trading software that merely presents charts and indicators forces the trader to filter market data through his own fears, greed, and prejudices.

As Donald Cassidy explains in his book It's Not What Stocks You Buy, It's When You Sell That Counts (Probus):

"The disparity in market performance generally boils down to how well each investor can invest against his emotions. So keeping a clear head means the difference between profits and losses."

"When an investor gets emotionally involved in his or her investments, it usually ends up as a losing proposition," writes Zev Brachfeld in the TABS Journal. "People do not think rationally when their money is involved."

William O'Neil, founder of Investor's Business Daily, notes: "In my experience, the only way [to trade] is to establish buying and selling rules derived from historical research - rules based on how the market actually works, not on personal opinions or preconceived ideas."

Beware of trading under the influence of market impulse. Market impulse is dangerous. There are always good setups for good trades. Never chase the market movement. Always follow your pre-defined and well-tested entry and exit rules.

AbleTrend's real-time stops can help you manage your trades. The detail settings and signals are objective. If you have the discipline to follow the signals, you can remove emotion and impulse from your trading, managing losses and increasing profits.

Trading Sweet Spots chart 1

Trading Sweet Spots chart 2

Sweet Spots can be found in every market.
AbleTrend works in every market - with every style of trading!

The AbleTrend software is about helping you seek profits in any freely traded markets anywhere in the world.

You can use AbleTrend to trade any and all stock, e-mini, and futures markets - including QQQ, SPY, DIA, SMH, OIH, XLE, GLD, S&P 500 index futures, NASDAQ 100 index futures, Dow Jones index futures, and Russell 2000 index futures.

Do you trade commodity markets like gold, crude oil, natural gas, sugar, silver, and copper? Our AbleTrend system can help you there, too. Same thing with the major foreign currency markets including Euro Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, and Swiss Franc.

What's more, AbleTrend fits any trading style: day trading, swing/position trading, portfolio/position trading, and auto order execution.

That means you only have to buy one system to cover all your trading. No need to shell out big bucks for a different system for every market and style you trade. And no curve-fitting.

Trading Sweet Spots chart 3


Sweet Spots are based on the true reality of the market: Price!

Using AbleTrend is one of the easiest and most accurate ways to make logical trading decisions, based on the purest market data known: price movement.

A study from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University found that, as a rule, companies with positive price momentum earned higher market-adjusted returns over the next 6 months than the broad markets.

Sweet Spots generated by AbleTrend software aren't based on Elliott waves or Gann theory. Buy and sell signals are calculated by a proprietary, back-tested algorithm based solely on real-time or end-of-day price data - giving you timely, specific, and objective signals for every trade.

Proprietary indicators set optimal stops for maximum profits. AbleTrend shows the trader the most probable course the market will take in the future.

A breakthrough in trading software

The AbleTrend algorithm is based on an important discovery made about the financial markets:

Early recognition of the market trend - coupled with the ability to set optimal stops - results in greater profit for the trader.

Our AbleTrend software reveals the fundamental principle of the market move, showing the support and resistance levels objectively. Equipped with this sophisticated technology, you can trade like a pro.

Real-time data

The AbleTrend system works with real-time or delayed streaming data feeds, EOD (End of Day) data, or even text file data. It works with FREE real-time data feeds of our AbleSys broker partners' trading platforms including TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, MB Trading, Interactive Brokers, PFG, Open E-Cry, FXCM, MT4, Infinity Futures, Ninjatrader, etc. It also works with paid real-time data feeds of eSignal, IQFeed, CTS, and AbleFeed. All EOD data are FREE and included (with your basic subscription) for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, commodities, e-mini, and bonds markets.

In addition to the AbleSys indicators and trading signals, the software also includes some of the most commonly used indicators, such as: Moving Averages, Stochastics, MACD, Bollinger Bands, ADX, etc.

"Auto Scan" automatically keeps track of Sweet Spots for all your stocks and portfolios at a glace

The AbleTrend auto-scan feature lets you keep track of every stock and ETF in every portfolio you own - and monitor their Sweet Spots, price movement, trends, and signals at a glance.

With the click of a mouse, AbleTrend shows you each stock's graph, including its Sweet Spot and buy and sell signals, as well as its support and resistance. So you can hold your positions with confidence, and know when it's advisable to sell.

For example, say you own Starbucks. You might have an emotional reason to hold the stock: for instance, you love their caramel lattes. Doesn't make sense, but that's how humans sometimes think: "I like the product, so I like the stock."

But of course, trading decisions should be made with your intellect ... not your feelings. So, delicious as the latte you bought this morning is, the AbleTrend system will keep you on course with your position in Starbucks ... and very clearly guide you on whether you should hold or sell.

AbleTrend Trading Software Auto Scan


10 reasons why you should try AbleTrend for trading Sweet Sports for 30 days at a special trial price....

  1. Validated through exhaustive back-testing.

    The trading approach used in the AbleTrend algorithms is based on fundamental market principles, not curve-fitting of old data. It has been validated with extensive back-testing in multiple markets going as far back as 10 years.

  2. Dynamic stops help you to seek to cut losses short and let profits run.

    The software recommends intelligent stop-loss orders to reduce your risk and keep losses small, based on the current price. As the price moves, AbleTrend automatically adjusts the stop accordingly.

  3. One software package handles ALL your trading needs.

    Unlike many other trading software packages, which are limited to trading only a single market in a given chart time-frame, AbleTrend can be used to trade virtually any market, in any time frame, with any trading style - eliminating the need to buy separate trading systems for each of the markets you trade.

  4. Our customers rave about our system.

    Thousands of satisfied traders worldwide use AbleTrend to make more intelligent and rational trading decisions. No wonder we've been voted "Readers' Choice Award" by Stocks & Commodities magazine for 16 consecutive years!

  5. Proven indicators enable you to trade with confidence.

    The developers of AbleTrend have tested over 600 indicators, including more than 100 they developed themselves. Of all those 600-plus indicators, the four used in AbleTrend are the ones proven to be most powerful, practical, and reliable.

  6. AbleTrend is simple and easy to use.

    When you see a blue circle, it's time to buy. When you see a red circle, it's time to sell. That's all there is to it.

  7. An unparalleled reputation for excellence and honesty.

    AbleSys became a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) firm in 1995. Registered with CFTC, AbleSys enjoys an excellent record in the trading software industry. Our products have been on the market for more than 18 years with an outstanding reputation.

  8. Principle-based software.

    The AbleTrend algorithms follow rules based on fundamental market principles, derived from careful observation and analysis of actual market performance. We do not "cheat" or take shortcuts by slapping together algorithms through curve-fitting of old data.

  9. Electronic direct order-entry systems -- the "Chart Trading" Modules are available for TD AMERITRADE, E*TRADE, FXCM, Open E-Cry, Infinity Futures, Interactive Brokers, MB Trading etc.

  10. No hard sell.

    While others make false claims with high-pressure sales, AbleSys doesn't want to sell you software ... at least, not yet.

    We'd much rather you accept our customer-friendly 30-day trial. You can do your own back testing or trade the market with our full working version of AbleTrend for 30 days ... then decide after your trial whether you want to keep our software.

Comparison of AbleTrend with Others

Features AbleTrend 7.0 Mechanical AbleTrend 7.0 STM Other Indicators/lights Other Systems
Backtesting reports to validate strategies
Optimal/specific trailing stops
Time-tested/Award winning ?
Robustness/Any markets ? ?
Universal/Any intervals, trading styles ? ?
100% mechanical to remove guesswork Near fully mechanical
Release of underlying indicators(non black-box) N/A Most no. No release of underlying indicators
Transparent settings (non curvefitting) N/A Most no. Settings could vary according to time.
Easy of use ? ?
Long-term winning track records/back testing N/A ?
Money management ?
Risk management ?

* "Seamless link" is just an icon link to link the charting software with brokerage order execution platform. It still needs manual order input and execution.

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Please note: for legal reasons, the phone consultation is limited to teaching you how to use AbleTrend. It does not include personalized advice or recommendations on any specific trades or markets.

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