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AbleTrend can help you to manage trading risk

AbleTrend trading software provides you protective stops as a defense measure for gains or for limiting losses in trading. Here is an example with today’s ES guidance chart of AbleTrend trading software: Traders typically place a “stop-loss order” at a predetermined dollar level. So if the market moves against the trader’s position, it will automatically […]

The 3 ways losing trades can play out

This section features the three ways a losing trade can play out following our trade setup. One of my favorite ways of looking at the market is that while we are dealing with uncertainty, there are a finite number of ways that price action can play out. If you understand the win condition and what can go wrong, you will be able to express the trade as it was intended to be when there is cash at risk.

Announcing – AbleTrend is now in Audio Book by Audible

Announcing – AbleTrend: Identifying and Analyzing Market Trends for Trading Success is now in Audio Book by Audible, an amazon company. You may now get this audio book FREE with a Trial Membership with Audible, see details at The essential concepts revealed in the book are important because they create the lens through which […]