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Trade Filter: Controlling distance

Once you enter a trade, the result is out of your hands.  We might not control the outcome, but we can decide when to get out.  If prices turn the wrong way, we can get out, or better yet, we can have a stop in place to make it automatic. Setting stops allows you to […]

Trading Early Setups vs. Gambling Pre-Earnings

It’s been a phenomenal earnings season with big moves all in stocks all week.  Today’s blog post features a clip from yesterday’s Q&A call (3:40), that was in response to a question about two symbols GILD & GRMN. One positive surprise, (GRMN) shares closed up better than 10% the day following earnings & at the […]

This Book Could Be Priceless for You

This Book Could Be Priceless for You AbleTrend: Identifying and Analyzing Market Trends for Trading Success is now on Audiobook on Audible   This book provides essential concepts of AbleTrend, the general trading rules and the specific trading rules in depth. Understanding both the essential concepts and general trading rules is a foundation for your better understanding […]

How to Follow the Market Relentlessly

Stocks were up for the third week in a row last week reaching a series of historical record highs. Yet scary headlines have led many traders missed the up move or even on the short side. Here are some of the common questions and concerns that they have: How can I follow the market relentlessly […]

Market Panics (cont…)

Yesterday, we examined a number of the major market panics & we said that the condition traders find themselves when a market panic hits has largely to do with the thinking that go them there. *If you missed yesterday’s piece, click here to grab the whitepaper* Initially, we can see two conditions that most people […]