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A Consistent way taking care of the bad days

Trading with AbleTrend signals, the good days take care of themselves.  AbleTrend Guidance Chart can help take care of the bad days as well.  Here is today’s E-mini Guidance Chart showing how it can help you to deal with the choppy market systematically. Here’s a clip from yesterday’s Q&A call reviewing a pretty choppy day […]

Leading into Fed Minutes Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another news day, Fed minutes expected @2pm EST.  With this type of ‘scheduled catalyst’ for price action, things can get very interesting before and after news.  In particular, we have been talking about how US equities will respond – ES (S&P 500 e-mini), NQ (NASDAQ e-mini), TF (Russell 2000 e-mini). Here’s a clip […]

Choppy or Trending Be Well Prepared

The markets are unpredictable. Some days trending and some days choppy. Some people wish for a crystal ball before they can deal with the market but you don’t need a crystal ball. You’ll get along with the market well if you can train yourself to follow the signals of AbleTrend Guidance Chart with discipline. Here […]