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How to place stops for the most protection?

A common mistake traders make is to arbitrarily place stops without respect to the market’s price action or movement.   A trader will risk arbitrary amounts such as $200, $500, or $1000. Where do these numbers come from? They are arbitrary. In reality, market conditions vary from trade to trade, time to time, day to […]

Tailoring AbleTrend to Suit You Trading Style

What is your trading style? How can you set up your tools to suit your trading style? It’s critical that your tools work for you and not the other way around.  AbleTrend 30 day trial and your one on-one-consultation can do both. Our AbleTrend 30-day trial with professional one-on-one consultation can help you to discover […]

A Popular Day Trading Time Interval for Guidance Chart

As AbleTrend Overlay Guidance Chart becomes more and more favorable among the successful users of AbleTrend many traders ask “what’s the best time interval for guidance chart?” For day trading you may use the 1-minute chart with the 3-minute chart hidden, or the 5-minute chart with the 15-minute chart hidden base on your risk tolerance […]