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Member Comments: No AbleTrend user would have lost on stock VRX

We would like to encourage our readers to tell us your stories. I have received one recently and would like to share it with you. “No AbleTrend user would have lost on stock VRX as the rules kept us short since late September 2015!! Weekly chart clearly showed the way down By Svea […]

What to do if markets are choppy?

One of our clients shared his disciplining way with us. He only enters trades at ideal setup points. He never chases the market. When he misses a good entry point, he just lets the market go on without him. He says, “If I don’t trade, at least I will not lose.” He just moves on […]

Let the Market Take Care of You

Each time that you enter the market we don’t know much it will win or not but we do know how much we might lose for this trade. You should prepare for the worst by imagining that a market crash could occur at any time after you enter the market in a buy position. Imagine […]

The Imperfect Becomes Perfect

The Tao said, “The imperfect becomes perfect.” How true are these words! Yet many times in trading we would like the market to go our way and unwilling to take small losses. “I prone to stay in the losing positions too long and hope it will come back my way eventually.” We dream to have […]

Place Yourself beyond the Possibility of Defeat

Sun Tzu, one of the greatest Chinese strategists from 2,500 years ago, said in his famous work The Art of War (one of the most widely-read books in Wall Street): “The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. To secure […]

Faith in Trading

Warren Buffet has faith in his vision to the companies he invests in and he has deep pockets to sustain pretty large draw downs, such as in 2008 with his portfolio and still be lucrative in the long run. In bull market conditions you too can have faith in the economy as buy-and-hold methods work. […]