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Instruction for Setting up Guidance Chart

As the Guidance Chart getting popular we’ve got many requests for the AbleTrend Guidance Chart setup instruction. Here are the step by step instructions. There are 2 ways to set up the Guidance Chart. 1. An easy way to set up: Download the latest AbleTrend 7.0 software. We have pre-built-in guidance chart workspaces. Simply open […]

How to turn mental discipline into the power to profit

Psychological Preparation for Trading (7) Secret Seven: How to turn mental discipline into the power to profit.  Human emotion can greatly affect one’s performance in any arena.  Being able to control one’s emotions is an essential quality of successful traders. Like any skills mental discipline can be trained. In today’s blog we’ll reveal the secret […]

Take advantage of the current market condition with AbleTrend

Take advantage of the current market condition with AbleTrend Dow dropped 1500 from current high in 7 days, this is the worst start percentage wise in stock market history.  Analysts are predicting that 2016 could be lousy. Their prediction might be right to most of the investors but not for investors armed with AbleTrend. The […]

Psychological Preparation for Trading (6)

Psychological Preparation for Trading (6) Secret Six: Only move stops in the desired direction of the trend Where should you place your stops for the most protection? It’s easy when you place your stops at logical levels as dictated by AbleTrend.  A common mistake traders make is to arbitrarily place stops without respect to the […]

Welcoming The New Year

To start the year, we like to take a step back to review what it is we’re really trying to do at the various levels of our life. At a high level, what we want from our trading decisions is to be out when the market is down, without missing the gains when the market moves.

I saw this illustrated perfectly with a simple chart that featured the last 18 years of the S&P 500. The chart compared the index against where it would be if we took out the 10 best days, as well as the index where the 10 worst days are taken out. This chart is recreated below, simply revising those days to ‘unchanged’

Guidance Chart is a Powerful Tool for Risk Control

Guidance Charts have been popular among the successful traders using AbleTrend. A Guidance Chart combine two time frames and two different AbleTrend algorithms into one chart and helps to filter out false signals. Usually 3min/9min, 10min/30min for day trading and daily/weekly for swing trading. Guidance Chart Provides Two Advantages: Within one chart, Guidance Chart helps […]

Risk Control is The Key to Trading Success

Everyone wants to know the key to successful trading. Risk management is so critical to trading. It is not that “missing the 10-best days” is important; it is “missing the 10-worst days.” The chart below shows the comparison of $1,000 invested in the $SPX Index and the return when adjusted for missing the 10 best […]