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What is actually happening in the FOREX market

Forex refers to foreign currency exchanges through inter-banks around the world. There is no specific “exchange” place as there is for stocks or futures. By some estimates, the daily volume in forex is as much as 25 times larger than all stock markets combined around the world. So it’s a very liquid market.   It is […]

The Dow and Nasdaq into correction territory

U.S. stocks closed deep in the red on Friday as global growth concerns accelerated selling pressure to push the Dow and Nasdaq into correction territory. U.S. equities joined steep global declines as festering concerns about the slowdown in growth for China accompanied uncertainty regarding the timing of the initial Fed rate hike to weigh heavily […]

AbleTrend with trending market conditions

In response to my email yesterday, “AbleTrend with choppy market conditions”, one trader wrote me “I actually have my worst days on trending days, so this is interesting.” His comment is so true, and “worst days on trending days” is a common problem for many traders.  We addressed this issue in our blog post on […]

AbleTrend with choppy market conditions

AbleTrend trading software is great on the trending days, what about on the choppy days?” One trader asked. Dealing with the choppy market is the major concern for many traders. If there is a way that you can deal with the choppy market well, profit will take care of itself. Guidance Chart is one the […]

U.S. Crude Oil Prices Fall to Fresh Six-Year Low

U.S. crude oil futures fell more than 2 percent on Thursday to trade near their lowest price in six and a half years, as data showing a big rise in key U.S. stockpiles intensified worries over a growing global glut. A rise in the dollar, after higher U.S. retail sales in July and strengthening employment […]