How to invest in ETF’s with AbleTrend

Spider (SPDR) is one of the most widely known and traded ETFs, which tracks the S&P 500 Index, and trades under the ticker SPY. Following is the weekly chart of Spider with AbleTrend trading software and with 7 years of data.

MF_ NUT_GC_SPY0208_1

AbleTrend guidance chart in a nutshell

The chart above enables you to see AbleTrend signals for the past seven years with the weekly chart.  Using the default value of AbleTrend TS indicator, T2 support level indicators and simple buy/sell rules you can follow and test the results.

TS is the market direction indicator

TS gives a large blue dot when it confirms an uptrend.

T2 is the market support level indicator

T2 support levels are like stair floors. AbleTrend T2 prints market support levels with small blue dots below the bars. These T2 levels are dynamic and are calculated with the built in feedback rope, which reflates the true market support levels in real time. If the small blue dot remains after the bar close, it will not change in the future. This character of indicator makes the difference between AbleTrend trading software and many other trading types of software on the market.

T2 indicators based on weekly bar (the shorter time frame in this chart) indicates a support level with tighter risks

The chart above is based on the weekly bars, T2 support levels based on weekly bars are marked with small blue dots below the bars

T2 indicators based on monthly bar (the longer time frame in this chart) indicates a support level with wider risks, and give a bigger picture of the market directions and support levels

Although the chart above is based on the weekly bars, AbleTrend trading software is able to print the monthly support levels on this chart with blue cross.

Using longer time frame as a guidance to avoid market noises

Buy ETFs only when you see the blue cross, small blue dot and blue bar all show up. You may miss some of the market movement, but you will screen out market noises. You only want to go with the bigger trend and ignore the choppiness to reduce the risks.

Exit the market with large red dot

When you see the large red dot, exit the market. The large dot is based on the weekly chart, the short time frame in the above chart.

Advantages of Investing in ETFs with AbleTrend Trading Software

  1. You can get the diversification of S&P 500 Index fund
  2. You can sell short and buy on margin
  3. You can purchase as little as one share
  4. You can use AbleTrend trading software to show you when to buy, when to exit
  5. You can achieve lower commissions as compared to full service fees
  6. You can verify the software performance by testing with up to 10 years of historical data

If you are not using AbleTrend trading software yet, you may get a test drive of AbleTrend trading software and discover what AbleTrend support levels are for the ETFs or stocks you are holding. You can measure each and every market symbols you are holding for an instant safety evaluation.

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  1. Gerry Wollert
      August 12, 2015

    I have been trading ETFs with AbleTrend for over 20 years. Whenever I identify an individual ETF as a possible candidate for purchase, I first look at both the Daily and Weekly charts in AbleTrend 7.0. I require that both the Daily and Weekly charts are showing “blue” bars as well as a positive T2 in place. Once I make the purchase, I then stay long the trade until I receive a sell signal on the Weekly chart. While, I occasionally will look at the daily chart for my current holdings, I always use the Weekly chart to guide my decision to exit a trade.

    Even in this down trending market, I am currently up: 97% on XLV, up 105% on PJP, up 38% on FBT, and up 49% on XBI. AbleTrend has been an highly valuable tool to give me the confidence to stay with these trades. I should hasten to add that if I were using the Daily rather than Weekly charts for my exits, I would have been whipsawed out of the above trades a number of times during my holding period.

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