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Only this method is 100% mechanical

Entry at Bar Close (EBC)- only this method is 100% mechanical. Here are examples of mechanical trading with AbleTrendTS strategies. EBC Execution: Entry at Bar Close Execution is the simplest approach to using a mechanical trading system. After you have chosen your input parameters, the system will generate buy, sell, stop, or exit signals based […]

Trading FOREX with Guidance chart

It can be helpful to use the trend direction on daily charts to guide your trading with intraday charts. Here the daily chart is used as the so-called guidance chart. Of course, you may also use the 60-minute chart as guidance to trade the 5-minute chart, etc. Our back-testing reports clearly show that this method […]

DJTA and DJIA divergence

The Dow theory by Charles Dow is basically talking about market trend, its three phases and how to confirm the market trends. Recently, we have noticed the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has a divergence with Transportation Average index (DJTA), and is indicating a potential reversal of the trend. See the chart below. DJTA index […]

How to sit tight with winners?

Last blog article we illustrated how to place the initial stops for day trading the Gold Futures. Today we’ll show you how to place the initial stops for swing trading the stock, as well as how to manage the stop replacements while holding the positions. How many times has fear made you exit the market […]

Where should I place the initial protective stops

Traders tell us “my main problems in trading are…” Staying too long with losing positions Exiting too early with winners The greatest challenge for traders is knowing when to get out. If you can take control of the losing trades, profit will take care of itself.  What if you could systematically define the market’s key […]